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All in-One Application Respected by Top PC Makers Worldwide Trusted by primary PC and Burner Producers Convert Video & Audio NEW Convert all common models including 4K models So that youare not restricted to enjoying them on just one system with support for all common marketing types you may change your amusement files. You can even grab and transform the audio from movie files. Quickly convert UltraHD 4K videos, and macs hd to clean even change audio tracks or CDs to AAC (.m4a) structure. Smart Detect FRESH With device pages were backed by over 150, video and audio transformation is not as difficult as plug’n’ play Intelligent Identify technology means that you do not have to remember resolutions and puzzling report types. As soon as you join your unit to your PC, Smart Identify sets the perfect result types and resolutions for modified press and acknowledges it, ensuring you usually enjoy music, pictures and your movies while in the best quality that is possible. Power2Go 10 helps a broad array including Samsung LG, Sony, Microsoft, of devices, and many more, allowing you to enjoy your advertising anyplace you-go! blockchain emerging as a new frontier See supported units here’s entire list. Electricity Media Player ADVANTAGE Perform your movies, videos and audio, photographs wherever you are Convert with Power2Go, play on-the-choose Electricity Mediaplayer Supports all convertible document types Change UltraHD 4K video to watch on mobile Enjoy high quality AAC/ FLAC audio playback Share unique pictures effortlessly Social Media Download Download video and media that is social Appreciate your chosen films anytime.

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Search and download videos from Vimeo and facebook for your drive, or burn them right to disk when you want to view. Safely back up, and be in control of one’s personalized online content with straightforward backup from Flickr and Myspace. Military- Encryption 256- bit encryption guards your info that is personal Burn protected information to CDs or bluray discs. View secured discs using an easy-to-use browser involved directly on the disks you burn. Data disks were guaranteed by burn with protected filenames. Before proper code is entered the encrypted names are hidden from view.


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